Everything at Brandenburg Bakery is created on site from scratch—cakes, pies, pastries, lunch items, soups, chocolate bars, and of course, breads.

Why? Wouldn’t it be easier to just use par-baked breads shipped in a box? Icings out of a bucket? Canned fruit fillings? Pre-made soups?

Sure, but easy isn’t our goal. Sustainable, classic, from-scratch baking is what we do. It’s what we enjoy eating, and what we love to create.

So we want to show you how we do some of it, a report from the front lines of baking as it were.

So, let’s talk pies.

Pie in the Sky

Few things make a better dessert, or compliment a meal, like a good pie. Apple, mixed berry, sugary crumb, maybe with a bit of ice cream on the side. Warm or cold, pies hit the sweet spot just right.

Fresh fruits and berries make fresh pies—peaches, mixed berries, blueberries, sugarplums, these all make wonderful desserts.

A great pie needs great crust, and, as usual, a fresh made crust needs very few ingredients. Water, flour, sugar, butter, and salt, with maybe a dash of baking powder and vinegar make for a perfect combination. The dough is made and rolled out into a large, smooth sheet, waiting to be cut into neat circles.

The dough is cut and laid out into the pie pans.

And now, the tasty part: filling! The fruits and berries for the particular pie we’re working on is loaded into the pie crust. Frankly, it looks good enough to eat, even unfinished!

Then we button them all up tight with more dough, soon to be the flaky crust we all know and love. A lot of things can be done with the top of a pie, like crumbed sweet oats, or delicious crystals of raw sugar.

The dough is folded by hand to give the nice, firm edges of the pie.

Small scores are made in the top crust, which let’s us see what kind of pie it is later, not to mention making things look beautiful.

And, finally, they are baked for 35–40 minutes, giving us the delicious pies we all know and love.

Now, doesn't that look tasty!