We’re asked a lot here at the bakery whether we make birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and all the other sweet goodies needed for special occasions.

And the answer?


Brandenburg Bakery makes everything on site, with real ingredients, from scratch. Cakes are a huge part of any serious bakery, and we do them for all kinds of events.

Birthdays, weddings, holidays—the 4th of July is almost here, and we’re doing special cakes just for that, which you don’t want to miss!

Our goal is always to make the most delicious and memorable cake for any event. Old German baking techniques, real ingredients, and a (lot) of experience lets us create cakes that are both tasty and special.


Just some of the types of cakes we make are:

  • German chocolate buttercream
  • Vanilla butter cream with strawberry or raspberry
  • Lemon buttercream
  • Orange cream buttercream
  • Tiramisu cake (made with mascarpone cheese)
  • Chocolate raspberry mousse cake
  • Stracciatella cake
  • Cheese cakes made with Calkins creamery Georgic cheese (Brownie, blueberry, or whatever whatever you want!)


Cream puff cakes? We can do that. In fact, we do just about any type of pastry or cake you want for that special birthday, event, or wedding.

We have gluten free options as well, so talk to us about what you need!


So, what events?

Obviously, one of our biggest requests is for birthday cake. Trust us when we say a real bakery cake goes a long way compared to a supermarket cake. Honestly, for just about the same price as a supermarket pseudo-cake, we can make you a delicious and special birthday cake the birthday boy/girl won’t soon forget. Real buttercream, layers of delicious sponge cake, and a message just for them on a piece of white chocolate…

Our cakes are made with a light, German style fluffy sponge and real buttercream—made by us from Tonjes milk, sugar, butter, egg, starch, and vanilla. Not only do these cakes look amazing, but they taste really good, and are light and sweet, not heavy and sugary.

Birthday messages are written out with Belgian chocolate on a piece of white chocolate—a sweet message indeed. We can also do messages right on the cake, or nifty edible designs—but these take a little more time, so please let us know ahead of when you need them!

But, birthdays aren’t the only time for a special cake. We’ve done cakes for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, parties, Easter, and more. If you have an event where a cake would fit, we can make a cake for you!


Holiday Goodies

We make special cakes for every holiday—Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and all the rest—including the upcoming 4th of July.

A great highlight to your holiday barbecue or gathering, we’re making patriotic cream pies, decorated with fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries in flag or star design. Coconut cream, vanilla cream, or chocolate cream!

Give us a call before the holiday comes around to make sure you have a sweet surprise to wrap up your celebrations!


And Weddings?

Of course, a wedding cake is a very special thing indeed. It needs to be done right, be memorable, but also enjoyable. There is no use for a fancy cake that looks nice but tastes like stale cardboard!

We do tastings with the couple to wed, creating a special tasting cake made from many of the types of cakes that interest the wedding party. This lets us demonstrate the end product in person—you can taste the cakes right then and there—and this also lets us get to know you and what you want. One of the joys of working with a small, local bakery is the back and forth you can have with the people who do this for a living, instead of dealing with a dispassionate and near anonymous person over the phone. It make a huge difference when you can see each other’s faces, hear each other’s voices, and relate to one another at a real human level. A wedding is a distinctly personal thing, and every step should be personal as well.

We’ve done everything from elegant, white wedding cake to inventive, eye-popping and colorful cakes.

These are all real cakes, however, and can’t be made into little rocket ships or other really quirky designs. There are a lot of gimmicks used to make a cake not look like a cake, and in the end, the whole thing wouldn’t be edible. We prefer to give you the best tasting, most amazing cake—elegant or fun or anything in between—rather than an inedible sculpture best left to a museum!

But there is a lot of latitude for creativity in the well-known tiered wedding cake design, as you can see from these pictures!


The Care and Feeding of Your New Cake…

Everything we make at Brandenburg Bakery is from scratch, using real and natural (and local, whenever possible) ingredients. This means the buttercream is real buttercream. Just as you wouldn’t leave butter, or cream, out of the fridge for hours, these cakes will need to be refrigerated and cared for the same way you would for any dairy product.

Please don’t leave our cakes in the sun for cocktail hour, or display them for hours on end. The best way to have a artisanal cake is to have it as fresh as possible—from the bakery to the fridge, from the fridge to the plate, and from the plate to the tastebuds of your guests!

But, in the end, these cakes will satisfy everyone. Large enough to give everyone a slice, sweet and light and made by hand with the care only a small bakery run by people who breath and dream baking can offer, these cakes make for the perfect end to a perfect party or wedding.


Don’t Forget to Call!

Since everything we do is from scratch, these cakes are special in every way. No two are exactly alike, and we don’t have some hidden shelf somewhere with ready-made pseudo-cakes in little white boxes.

Give us a call, or come down and visit us in Livingston Manor (make a trip of it! There are a lot of local farms, businesses, and events around our little burg!) and let’s talk about what you need.

Some of these will take time. A simple birthday cake can be scheduled more loosely, of course, but something like a wedding cake will need to be talked about, tasted, and planned out a while before the big day. Good things take time! We like to plan these things out way ahead of time, weaving them into our schedule, and setting things aside as needed to make sure your cake is ready exactly when you need it.

But the next time you’re planning a birthday bash, a going-away party, a retirement gala, or just want something special for that special someone, think of us and let us make it amazing!